Top Senior High School Prep Program

Why top senior high schools?

Top senior high schools provide high-qualified teachers, various educational facilities, and supportive learning environment. Those advantages will help the students reach better scores and knowledge. Learning with his/her fellow best students in top senior high schools ensures better competition, which in turn encourages individuals to study and work more efficiently and independently. Top senior high schools also help students get ready for elite colleges admission tests. Mostly, top senior high schools create better graduates. Better graduates mean more chances at being admitted to elite colleges.

Why private prep program?

Learning at schools with a number of fellow students led by teacher in a classroom has some disadvantages. The teacher has limited and divided attention to each individual. Therefore, a private tutor will enhance those learning processes at school by being more attentive to and encourages the student to maximize his/her potentials to reach his/her goals.


Why Elite Tutors Indonesia?

Our's Top Senior High Schools Prep Program is a private 1-on-1 tuition program specially designed to help junior high school students in enrolling top senior high schools in Indonesia. Elite Tutors professional tutors comprehensively design the program for all curriculums: national, Cambridge and International Baccalaureate (IB).

We also experienced in tutoring students from mixed curriculums schools such as schools with national curriculum and IB. Mixed curriculum is commonly found at international schools in Indonesia. A specialized tutoring program is needed for students from such schools.

Our's Top Senior High Schools Prep Program requires a minimum of six months to reach its goal. The basic features consist of the following items:

  • ~ 10 man hours of senior high school application, guidance, advise, and consultation by our CEO;
  • ~ 300 session of 1 to 1 tuition (1 session = 90 minutes of tutoring);
  • ~ 150 man hours of program supervisory;
  • ~ 50 man hours of off-site supporting 1 to 1 tuition;
  • Dedicated program officer;
  • Books and modules;
  • Stationary (Whiteboard is excluded);
  • Highly selected a team of professional tutors;
  • Senior high schools’ admission test application;
  • Team building program with the tutors (entertainment);
  • Targeted high schools’ visits;
  • Learning experience photo book;
  • Standardized psychology test*;
  • Monthly progress report.

INVESTMENTS: IDR 200 - 350 Million


Education tour : Included

Tutors background

: Local 
Duration of program : Min. 6 months


Booklet (Indonesian version)

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Booklet (English Version)

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