09 January 2017

Common Tutoring Service is not enough to Secure Top Public University Seat

Jakarta , CNN Indonesia – In the middle of this year, senior high school students of Indonesia will compete for seats in top public university to continue their higher education level. The Public Universities Admission Test (SNMPTN and SBMPTN) and various independent universities tests have become heavy challenges for the students. Quite often many students and even their parents became stress because of anxiety associated with facing the SNMPTN and SBMPTN. Tutoring service is then chosen to be a solution.

Tutoring service is chosen because they taught materials tested in the SBMPTN. However, parents should consider the tutoring service selection. Tutoring must be suit to the children's conditions and learning targets. Tutoring service with unsupportive room, less optimal learning time, and unqualified tutors will become obstacles in improving children ability.

The psychological problems of the children also need special treatment in order to not disrupt the cognitive aspect. Private tutoring has a greater potential to improve the childrens cognitive, affective, and emotional so the children able to learn in favorable, integrated, and convenient.

Choosing tutoring service with super tutor could be the best answer. Super tutor is a tutor who is personally and professionally provides integrated help to the learners academic and non-academic matter. A super tutor must be smart, capable of doing approach and should motivate the learner to make appropriate strategies to secure public university seat.

Elite Tutors Indonesia is a private tutoring company promoting high quality super tutor and has been serving high-end market in Indonesia for more than 5 years. The tutors should go through simulation phase in order to be able to transfer knowledge to the learner. The tutors are not only act as tutors, but also as friends to play with in activities such as watching movie, hangout, and exercise. The learners will feel comfortable consulting as friends but still able to build cognitive ability.

Dr. Eng. Sumarsono, ST, MT, OCP., familiarly called Kak Sono, is the founder and CEO of Elite Tutors Indonesia . He told CNN Indonesia on Tuesday (20/12), good learning method is not only about reading and answering questions as much as possible.

Creating strategy is more important. Analyzing the children potential, problems, target, and appropriate learning method for greater opportunities,said the 29-year-old graduate of Bachelors and Master of Industrial Engineering, University of Indonesia, in Elite Tutors Indonesia office in City Lofts Sudirman, Jakarta.

The first free of charge meeting will observe the child academic document and potential to design a learning method that will be easily achieved. The next step is integrated tutoring program sessions at the learner’s home.

The children academic and non-academic ability are well controlled by a program officer of Elite Tutors. Next, a super tutor team (6-8 super tutors) will execute the appropriate learning methods that suit to the learner’s learning style. Quoted from Elite Tutors Indonesia website, the Company has recorded a success rate of 92% since 2008.

most favorable majors are the Faculty of Medicine (FK), the Faculty of Engineering (FT), the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), and the Faculty of Law (FH)said Kak Sono.

With appropriate learning methods from the super tutor, now, studying at your favorite major in top public universities is no longer a problem.


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