25 January 2019

MGBK trip to Surabaya and Malang 2019

campus visitation in Malang and Surabaya

13 January 2019

Sukabumi Education Fair 2019

Discussion of material on Lectures and Careers in the industrial era 4.0. Sukabumi Education Fair 20...

17 July 2018


Elite Tutors Indonesia as the sponsor of MPLS Labschool Rawamangun. To help students get an in-depth...

12 July 2018

CSR: A Visit to Harapan Remaja Orphanage

Visit to Orphanage of Harapan Remaja. Seminar and motivating children to study harder in order...

24 February 2018


Training our tutors with the Singapore Academy in Singapore. To explore the specifications of D...