SMA Madania Bogor

Vita Natanegara (parent) - student’s name withheld

My twin children were a bit too late to take tutoring program since they only have less than 6 months to get prepared for university public admission test (SNMPTN) or independent test (SIMAK UI). Private tutoring program gave them knowledge and tactical skills to passed the tests and admitted to the University of Indonesia. My son passed the SIMAK UI and admitted to Faculty of Medicine (International Class) while my daughter passed the SNMPTN and admitted to Faculty of Economics and Business. My daughter graduated on time with honor on 2015 while my son earned Bachelor of Medicine from the University of Melbourne (2015) and Bachelor of Medicine from the University of Indonesia (2016).

Tactical skills and knowledge of Elite Tutors’ program was definitely helped my children undergone the learning process both at their school or social works. Thank you Kak Sono.

*There's no guarantee of specific results and that the results can be various.

SMP Kolese Kanisius

Ripy Mangkoesoebroto (parent) - student’s name withheld

Our son was having trouble in adapting to school and its learning methods during his early junior high school year. He became uncommunicative, disappointed, and lose the motivation to learn that made him experienced a decline in academic performance. He was once said to me, “I love to learn but I hate studying.”

We felt very fortunate when introduced to Elite Tutors by a friend whose son has been enjoying the benefits of Elite Tutors program. Just about six months, our son's academic grade increased continuously. The more important was he enjoyed to learn and interact with the tutors. They befriended with him. Now, we are happy to see his joyful smile every day. Studying has become as interesting as learning to him.

*There's no guarantee of specific results and that the results can be various.

SMA Islam Al Azhar 3 Jakarta

Dwi Budi Sartono (parent) - student’s name withheld

Educational Supplement!

That is the exact words for a tutoring program for our children. Our children have already obtain curriculum from public schools but sometime it is insufficient due to various factors of formal education at school. Just like when we eat foods, sometime our diet is insufficient so we need food supplements intake such as vitamins or others.

That was what our daughter has experienced. She wants to study abroad in the future since she was a child and try her best to study well at school. She need to study harder if she want to study abroad. Then she took tutoring program of a well-known tutoring company to help her achieve the goal. Unfortunately, the learning methods were not suitable to her needs. She then took another program from another tutoring company but the result was disappointing.

It was until one day she got a recommendation from her aunt to try Elite Tutors, owned by Kak Sono. She then intensively started to take the tailor-made tutoring program from Elite Tutors with their professional tutors. It turned out the learning methods suited very well to her needs. It was not easy at first but the result was significant to her thinking patterns in learning at school. The tutor delivered the program in a pleasant and friendly approach to create good collaboration between the tutor and the learner.

The intensive six months program has helped my daughter to reach her goal. She admitted to the Department of Management (International Class/Double Degree), Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia, where she is taking the course in the University of Indonesia and in the abroad. She is doing well in both courses until today.Currently, my daughter is preparing her thesis for her course in the University of Groningen, Netherlands.

Thanks to the Elite Tutors team and its appropriate learning methods that helped my daughter achieves her study goal. Private tutoring program is just like a supplement intake that complement knowledge from school. It is very important because knowledge from school is insufficient for some reason.Elite is the best place of “Educational Supplement” for our children for their future investment.

*There's no guarantee of specific results and that the results can be various.

SMAK Penabur Kota Wisata

Ardo (parent) – student’s name withheld

I worried at first with my son's ability to face SBMPTN, but after he was guided by the experience Elite Tutors Team, then I have seen the significant and real differences on him within just 4 months. The learning method was given privately to every students and was delivered systematically. When answering the exercise, the student is taught to be focused on conpectual understanding not guessing the answer. Aftermarth, the student's confidence is also getting advance as well as his material mastery. Those who has trully understood the concept could pass from SBMPTN. Thank you Elite Tutors Team for guided my son, therefore he was accepted on Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at University of Indonesia in 2017.

*There's no guarantee of specific results and that the results can be various.

Insan Cendekia Madani High School

Ariastiadi Saleh Herutjakra (student's name withheld)

Thanks to the persistent efforts of profesional teachers through the tutelage of Elite Tutors Indonesia, our son achieved optimum performance in school and also admitted at the prestigious Faculty of Economics and Business (Airlangga University)


*There is no guarantee of specific results and the results can be various.